By Bill Moore

As I reflect on the 4th of July celebrations, I find myself concerned over the future of this Nation.  If you see reporters asking simple questions about the 4th, you begin to worry about the Nation’s future. People could not answer questions like what does the 4th stand for?

A recent Gallup poll reported by Rush Limbaugh indicated Love of Country is on the decline.  Democrats are hovering around 32%, Republicans about 74%.  Minority groups are at 33% and whites are about 54%.   Keep in mind that Democrats support a Globalism stance and need a weak US in order to achieve their goal.  College grads are at 39% compared to 52 % for non- grads.  Age wise the results were similar. Only 33% of 18 to 29 year olds love their country; 42% of the 30 to 49 year old bracket.  Things get better as 50 to 64 year olds have 56% reflecting a love of Country.  Seniors top the list at 58%.

As you look at the level of pride in our Nation and its accomplishments, you wonder why more people do not have that pride.  After reviewing the possible reasons I believe that it can be attributed to our lack of Patriotism.   Let’s start with the School curriculum.  Too many districts have downplayed the importance of the Constitution and support attacks on the Founders.  Too many students are learning that the Founders were nothing but “Rich, White Slave Owners”.  If the school curriculum can undermine the men who wrote the Constitution then it will also undermine the contents of the Constitution.  Yes, the Founders were mostly wealthy; some owned slaves, which was common place in most of our nation, and even around the world.  I am not value judging Slavery, but in order to understand people you need to study them not by standards that exist today but by the standards of their time.  Slavery was then and remains today a terrible thing.  There were Founders who were anti- Slavery.  The Left pushes the Constitution as pro Slavery.  They claim that the Constitution would not even treat a slave as a person, citing the 3/5 rule.  Again, that was a distortion of the truth.

The truth is that the 3/5 Compromise was written for the sole purpose of Census taking.  Southerners wanted slaves to be counted in the Census giving them more population and thus more representation and power.  Northern colonists argued that Slavery was evil and slaves had no power in the South and were in fact treated as property.  Thus they should not be counted in the census as they could not participate in Government.  The Compromise was that each slave would count for 3/5 for Census purposes only.  They chose to put off the issue of slavery to a later date as their task at that point was to develop a new government to replace the weak and ineffective Articles of Confederation.

As a side note, these Founders developed a new form of Government called a Republic, something that did not exist during their time.  Again looking in the lens of the 18th Century and not the 21st Century, their ideas were radical but not acceptable by 21st Century Standards.  Then only land owners could vote, women could not.  They tried to minimize the effect of voters by having Senators elected by state legislators rather than the people.  Not acceptable by our standards but radical in their time. Remembering the British Rule of the Colonies, they feared the excesses of power and took steps to control the new government’s authority.  They specifically outlined the powers of Government and reserved other powers to the States and People.  They even built in ways to change the Constitution so that it could change to reflect the times  Examples include:   Direct Election of Senators and the vote given to Women and minorities.

Schools are teaching Globalism and in fact are down playing and attacking “Patriotism” as old school and something outdated.  We need to counter this action with the truth.

We need to take the time to look at the curriculum being taught to our kids and grandkids.  We need to ensure the Constitution and the Founders are getting a fair shake from schools in order to develop a generation with respect.  We need to instill in our families a “Love of Country” that reflects the fact that we are not perfect but we have changed as the times have dictated.  Take the time to explain the importance of the 4th of July.

Keep in mind that our military only has less than 1 percent of our population involved.  Should a major emergency come into being, how many of the people would step up and volunteer to protect the country.  If they continue to hear how bad this Nation is and how bad the Founders, I suspect few would step up.

It was Reagan who said the loss of Freedom was just a generation away.  Not instilling the truth about our Nation will only hasten that day.

Take the Time to educate our young with the truth before it is too late!!!!!