What can I do about Public Schools not reflecting My Values?

By Bill Moore

There are many issues within our schools today. Some argue they are too far gone and it is too late to do anything. Still others argue for alternatives like Charter schools or home schooling. Allow me to address each of these issues.

To understand what is going on, you must go back to the 1930’s in America. Back then the leaders of the Communist/ Socialist factions realized they could not use revolution to overthrow western governments as they did in Russia and eventually China. They decided to take the long haul by taking over Higher Education in each nation. They began to train teachers in their belief so they could spread those beliefs into our schools. In addition, these liberal educators took over Higher Education for the Press and Government. Soon we were training all types of College graduates in Liberal beliefs.

Fast forward to today. Many parents oppose Core Curriculum an attempt to nationalize curriculum, although it did not start out that way.  Others rally against the social stances being taught in classes. All are not sure what to do. Many people want to stop the assault on the Constitution and the Founding Fathers being maligned in some classrooms today. Please understand the Liberals want to undermine their value to our children so they will be more easily swayed to alternative forms of government. You can see by the use of our kids in high schools, Liberals they are trying to move our nation from a Nation of laws to mob rule.

Solutions are not easy. We must fight a long battle to change what has happened over decades. How do we do that?  One solution is to fight for control of our Public schools and Schools of Higher Education. At the college level we must help our families choose colleges that express all views rather than just liberal ones. Another option would be to send our students to Conservative Colleges, they do exist. Believe me hit them in the pocketbook and things will slowly begin to change. Often, these Liberal bastions are in publicly funded Colleges and Universities. Write our State elected leaders demanding college professors allow all views to be expressed on our campuses today.

In our public schools, as busy as we are, we must get involved. Run for school Board, vet the people running and do not go in and just pull a lever for school trustees not knowing anything about their beliefs. Remember they set policy and hire the Superintendent and approve Administrators and teachers hired. We must attend meetings of the school board and the school PTA. We must challenge any attacks on our core beliefs. We must demand a curriculum that develops critical thinking and not just rote memory and the blind following of Liberal ideas. Pay attention to what is being taught to your kids. Do not ask them how was school? They will just answer “fine”.  Ask a probing question such as what did you enjoy the most today and why. Ask what did you not enjoy or what did you hear that you disagree with? All of this is difficult and time consuming but it is easy to just criticize. Become part of the solution.

If you feel the school system is too far gone, get like -minded people together and organize and apply for a charter school certificate. Each state has a procedure. Information is readily available on how to organize and fund such a school. Expect the batter part of 2 years to get it started. Again it is possible, but you must get a group of workers together to get it off the ground.

Another choice is to home school. Most parents react saying I have no idea how to do this. The good news is there are group in every locality of Home school parents and professionals. They have resources to help you successfully home school.  Believe it or not you might get some help from your local school as far as books and testing etc. There will be a state curriculum you need to complete and testing through the public schools to demonstrate mastery.  This is something that can be very successful but also time consuming. Often you can partner with other home school parents who might be an expert in some area if the curriculum. Also do not be afraid to use on line classes to get the necessary curriculum.

What is the best answer for you? Only you know for sure. In my opinion it is a combination of everything above. You might choose to home school or attend or start a charter school.  However in order to change what is going on in our schools you will still need to be involved at some level. At a minimum you need to be an informed voter for school trustees. Attend meetings and challenge whatever you feel violates your core values at these Board of Ed meetings. If you choose to stay in a public school join the PTA and become active there. Do not be afraid to meet with school officials or teachers to question a topic being taught. Do not be afraid to write to your elected officials to challenge what is happening on campus.

We all know schools need to improve on many levels. Just saying it and not doing something about it makes you part of the problem. If you love you family, Community and Nation, you must become active in the battle to control our schools at all levels. It Is not too late, but the longer we wait, the harder it becomes!!!!