By Bill Moore

Believe it or not it is 2018 and we are fast approaching the Election.  Democrats have been mobilizing throughout the Nation and North Carolina has become a targeted State for conversion. They would like to win as many seats as possible but as a minimum, they want to win enough seats in 2018 to ensure the Republicans no longer have a veto proof majority in the General Assembly.  In 2020 their goal is to regain control of the General Assembly.

Remember in 2020, there will be a new Federal Census taken.  North Carolina is scheduled to pick up at least one and possibly as many as two new Congressional Seats.  If the Democrats get control of the General Assembly, they will be the party redistricting for the new seats.  We must not allow this to happen.

In my opinion that this is evenly possible is the fact that the Left/ Democrats have control of most of the Media in North Carolina. The Public is being bombarded with the same messages over and over and over again!!!

  • Republicans are hurting Education by their cuts
  • Republicans do not care about the poor and cater to their rich business friends.
  • Cutting taxes only help the rich
  • Republicans are hurting Businesses and costing jobs
  • Republicans are racist and hate feminism
  • Taxes are cut to benefit the Rich and are hurting schools and the poor

Everything stated above is out and out lies and fabrications.  However, the one thing that Republicans in the General Assembly do not do well is to alert the voters about all of the good that they have done.  An informed public would not fall for the tricks of the State Democrats.  Hence my position:  the Republicans at the State level need to put some of their campaign chest funds together to hire a firm to get the truth out to the public.  A public relations firm with a sufficient war chest could get the following accomplishments out to the public who could compare the truth to the lies being spread.

  • Republicans paid off a $2 billion dollar debt to the Federal Government for the money the Democrats borrowed to fund unemployment for up to 99 weeks.
  • In 2010when Republicans took total control of the North Carolina government, the state had  personal and corporate income tax rates of 7.75% and 6.9%, respectively.  Under Republican leadership the state now has a flat personal income tax of 5.499% and it is scheduled to drop to 5.25% in January of 2019.
  • The Corporate tax rate was reduced to 3% and scheduled to drop to 2.5% in January 2019.
  • North Carolina Republicans established a “Rainy Day Fund” that currently has over $1.5 billion in it.  A new law requires that 15% of increases in tax revenues be transferred to this fund.
·        Republican are trying to pass a NC Constitutional Amendment to limit the amount of taxes the state may charge individuals to 5.5%, down for the 10% currently in the Constitution.  
·         According to the US Department of Labor in 2010, when Republicans took control of the General Assembly, NC had a labor force of 4,581,790 people.  Employed in 2010 were 4,069,106 people. The unemployment rate was 11.2% or 512,684 people.

·         By the end of 2017 North Carolina had a labor force of 4,949,223 people.  Of that number 4,727,107 people were employed and unemployment had dropped to 4.5% with only 222,116 unemployed.  All under a Republican General Assembly.

·         In July 2013, the General Assembly under Republican Control, passed and funded the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Act.  It was designed to help students from low-income and working class families attend private school by offering them state-funded tuition scholarships of up to $4,200 per student per year.

·         In short, this plan would allow poor families, who had no choices for their children in a failing school, the ability to get a grant to attend a private school and improve their children’s educational opportunities.

·         A similar plan was put in place to assist parents of Special Needs students to obtain the best educational opportunities for their children.

·         More than 1,200 students received scholarships during the Program’s first year of operation in 2014-15.  Families have submitted nearly 23,000 student applications in the three years since the Program launched.  The Program is expected to serve 6,200 students for the 2016-17 school year.  Generally, 90 percent of recipients choose to renew their scholarships.  More than 420 North Carolina private schools are now registered to participate in the Program.

·         Republicans plan on further expansion of this program. The expansion was signed into law in July 2016, and added an additional 2,500 scholarships to be available to students each year for the next 10 years.  By 2028-29, nearly 36,000 students could receive scholarships each worth up to $4,200.00.

In addition, the cry that the General Assembly is always cutting Education funding and programs can be refuted by simply listing the additional dollars in the current budget for educational programs. They include:

·         Money for teachers for an additional 9,120 students anticipated in the public schools this fall: $31.9 million.

·          Classroom textbooks and digital materials: up  $11.3 million.

·         Increased funding allotment in public schools for children with disabilities: $6.3 million.

·         Pilot program for grants to charter schools for student transportation: $2.5 million.

·         Grants to expand vocational/career technical education for grades 6-7: $4.2 million.

·         Reimburse initial teacher licensure application fee for first-time applicants: $245,000.

·         Expand tuition reimbursement program for teacher assistants seeking teaching degrees: $315,000.

·         Pay for 800 additional full-time equivalent students in the state community college system this fiscal year: $4.9 million.

·         Increase slots for medical students at UNC School of Medicine: $1 million.

·         Add funds to UNC School of Medicine’s Asheville campus project: $8 million.

·         Funds to stabilize East Carolina University’s medical school: $4 million.

·         Funds to continue stabilizing enrollment at Elizabeth City State University by hiring temporary faculty with startup funds for aviation science program: $2.8 million.

·         Establish doctoral programs at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University: $2.5 million.

·         One-year program for students graduating from the North Carolina School of Science and Math to receive full tuition for one year if they enroll in a UNC school: $1.5 million.

·         Establish “Personal Education Savings Account” program, providing additional scholarship awards of $9,000 annually to children with disabilities for qualifying education expenses, including those in non-public settings: $450,000.

·         Teachers  are receiving a 3.3 percent average raise, and a 9.6 percent average raise over the next two years.  Administrators will also get raises.

·         Under Republican Leadership, North Carolina now ranks 35th in the nation for average teacher pay, an improvement from last year, when the state ranked 41st.

·         A $1,000 raise for all other state employees.

·         Three bonus days of leave for all teachers and state employees.

·         A permanent 1 percent cost-of-living adjustment for state retirees.

Republicans in the General Assembly have done a superior job in being stewards of our money. They have taken actions to streamline our government while cutting waste and paying off debt. In spite of attacks from the Left, Republicans have addressed the myriad of issues that face our state and done so responsibly .

The trouble is Nobody knows!!!  Between the left leaning media in our state, and the Democrats creating false issues, the majority of North Carolinians have not heard the Truth. That is why Republicans need to pool some of their campaign funds and hire a PR Firm to get the truth out to the Public.  When that happens I am confident that they will continue to be re-elected.  And in my opinion, they have earned that Right!!!