By Bill Moore

Peter, Paul and Mary were 1960’s folk singers that recorded a song called “Where have all the Flowers Gone?”  It was an anti -war song that had a reoccurring line “When Will They Ever learn?”That line seems most appropriate as applied to the Republican Party and their inability to deal with the Democratic Playbook.  They will smear any Republican/ Conservative Politician that stands in their way. Look at what is happening to the Republican nominee to the Supreme Court, Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  A man with a spotless record has fallen prey to the Democratic playbook to smear him until he withdraws his name or is not voted into the position.

Anyone I have ever known who has had a traumatic experience has been able to remember when and where the incident happened.  The Accuser, Professor Ford, cannot quite remember where or when this “alleged” sexual assault took place.  In addition, everyone who she claims was present, has denied that the event happened. Plus, 65 women who have worked with the Judge professionally and went to school with him have come forward saying that this is not the man they have known for years.

Why do the Democrats make these accusations?  Their long term game plan wants the nomination derailed or delayed until after the election because they have a fear that this nomination will change the Supreme Court for generations.  Their plan for decades has been to win what they could not win at the Ballot box by filing lawsuits though activist judges.  If Kavanaugh is approved the Supreme Court could override lower court decisions.

That explains the reasoning but the why is directly attributable to the Republican Leadership.  Democrats continue to do it because they are successful.  Republicans will not stand behind one of their own who is accused of wrongdoing even if not proven true.  On the other hand, Democrats have several people in leadership positions that have sexual allegations against them but their party unites around them.  Keith Ellison and Bill Clinton are excellent examples.  In their cases the women’s credibility is attacked while if it is a Republican charged, the woman’s word is golden even if not supported by facts.

Still not believe it is true?  Consider Herman Cain, Ben Carson and Clarence Thomas as possible examples.  Cain was running for the Republican nomination for President in 2012 when suddenly two unnamed women claimed he made unwanted sexual advances at an NRA convention about 20 years prior. After he dropped out of the race the women were never heard from again.

Let us fast forward to the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination race.  Ben Carson is doing well in the race for the nomination.  Suddenly a Florida woman accuses him of fathering her child and demands child support.  Press coverage killed his chances for the nomination though the allegations were never proven.

Clarence Thomas was nominated in 1991 to replace Thurgood Marshall on the Supreme Court.  As the nomination was going to a vote, a former worker with Thomas at the Equal Opportunity Office, Anita Hill, suddenly accused him of inappropriate comments, and sexual harassment.  No supporting evidence was available.  In spite of the move Thomas was approved to join the Supreme Court.  Does all of this sound familiar? Starting to feel like we are reliving it 27 years later?

Consider The President Trump Stormy Daniels controversy.  Another sexual plot by the Left this time to undermine President Trump.  They want to have him impeached or at least made so ineffectual that his agenda is stopped for his remaining term.

The solution is for Republicans to ban together and demand proof not innuendo.  If a candidate, appointee or incumbent is guilty, then by all means move to get rid of him.  However, do not allow the Left to use the same play on good people and accuse them at the last minute of some sexual indiscretion.  Stand up and unite and once they do this the Democrats will be less likely to reuse this tactic.