Much has been said as to why the Left hates President Trump. It’s his tweeting, his mannerisms, his short temper or his attacks on people with whom he disagrees. Still others call him racist or homophobic and devalue anyone who supports him. It is my belief all of this is cover for the real reason they hate Trump.

Saul Alinsky, the author of Rules for Radicals also gave a plan to create a socialist state. He claimed there were these eight levels of control that must be achieved in order to create this social state. His most important rule was controlling healthcare and you control the people. Think how close we were to that being realized with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or commonly known as Obama Care. A Hillary takeover would have ensured a single payer health system.

His second condition was to increase poverty dependence on the government. By raising the poverty level and giving the poor everything they need, they will not oppose you as they are now dependent on the government for everything. Notice the increase in entitlements during the Obama Administration.

His third condition was to increase Government Debt until it becomes unsustainable. By increasing taxes on all you create more poverty and government dependence. Why do you think the Left is constantly calling for more taxes? Unfortunately our Republican leaders have done little or nothing to lower our national debt as it hovers over $22 trillion.

His fourth premise was Gun Control. By removing the people’s ability to defend themselves you further create a police state where only the government is armed. Rule number 5 is to take control of every aspect of people lives through welfare. Control people’s food, housing and income and you control them. Even today we have local pockets of Leftists trying to set up programs that guarantee an income to everyone regardless if they work. Pay me to stay home and do nothing, house me and feed me and you control me by the threat to stop these entitlements.

The sixth step in his plan involves the control of Education. When you control what people think through the media and what is taught in schools through Common Core type programs you control people’s minds.

Step 7 is to do whatever possible to remove religion and “God” from all aspects of the government and schools. Think of the attacks on organized religion and the forced removal of thing from government centers such as the Ten Commandments. The Government is to be the one you worship and follow blindly. The Left believes in a relative truth. Belief in God teaches there are absolute truths that cannot be changed.

Kaminsky’s final condition was to develop class warfare within the people. By setting the poor against the wealthy you split the nation, create discontent and make it easier to tax the wealthy to support entitlement programs.

After reviewing this I am sure you agree we were one election from becoming a socialist state. Why do they hate Trump? That’s easy he has weakened OBAMA Care and eliminated the single payer possibility as he eliminated the mandate to purchase. He has taken steps to reduce people from Welfare programs and offering training to better their lot in life. He has gone after people that did not belong on government handouts and forced them off such programs. Trump is an avid supporter of the 2nd Amendment. He is a great supporter of Freedom of Religion. He has worked to return control of education to the states and local school boards and fought “Common Core.” Trump has worked hard to cut taxes for all not raise them. Under his leadership unemployment has hit record lows. He has worked hard to renew the American belief that if you work hard you will be successful and move up the economic ladder.

All of this is directly against Alinsky’s plan to create a Socialist State. Why does the Left hate Trump? His election has reversed the eminent possibility of the USA becoming the latest socialist state and possibly following in the steps of Venezuela. They hate him because he caused them their dream of the US becoming a socialist state. The reality is the closer you are to success the greater the hate when someone stops your success. We were one election from this becoming a reality. This, in my opinion is the real reason for the vicious hate toward Trump constantly demonstrated by the Left.

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