Bill Moore

The Left is constantly crying we are a Democracy and should act like one. It amazes me for those who claim to be so knowledgeable, how they can be so uninformed.  The fact is we were designed to be a Republic and remain one to this day. For those who need the explanation, it is simple, a Republic is one that is run by laws rather than “Mob rule”.

A true Democracy requires all citizens to vote or decide issues by a majority vote. Our Founders knew this was not possible because of the time involved to get votes taken in a nation that took weeks and weeks to travel through.  Remember in addition to the time and travel constraints, voting was an arduous process. In 1789 George Washington was elected President unanimously.  He had 100% of the popular vote which amounted to 43,782 votes. Election Day was in fact days, as voting was allowed from December 15th, 1788 through January 10, 1789. Then the results had to be sent by horse and or wagon to a central point for tabulation, adding weeks and weeks to the process.

As a side note, the election took place with several of the colonies not yet eligible to vote as they had not yet ratified the Constitution. North Carolina and Rhode Island had not yet ratified the Constitution. Vermont was operating as an unrecognized state, and New York was deadlocked in the approval of the Constitution.

The point here is our Founding fathers knew it was impossible to have a true democracy and allow everyone to vote on every issue. Another side note, women, indentured servants and slaves were not allowed to vote. They decide to have a Republic where sections of the country would elect people to represent them and write and pass the laws for all to obey. The people could show their displeasure at the ballot box when their representatives come up for reelection.

Fast forward to today.  We are a nation of approximately 330 million people. It is estimated we have 235,248,000 eligible voters in the US today. That makes it impossible to hold a vote on every issue even with the benefits of modern technology.

In addition, a Republic survives by passing and enforcing laws. In a Democracy there is often Mob rule. By democratic rules there might not be need for trials if the majority present feel a person is guilty, punishment is often instantaneous. Examples of that can be hangings in the old West where if they caught you with stolen cattle or horses they often hung you even if you might have proved you were innocent in a court of law. We are all aware that often Mob decisions are based on emotion rather than facts. In more modern times the Left tries to convict people they dislike through the Press. Can we forget the College team that was falsely accused of sexual abuse of a young woman?  Years later when the facts came out they were exonerated but their lives and future were stained by events that were not facts but made up under a mob mentality. Our elections can be examples of mob rule when candidates are accused of sexual acts that cannot be proven or were false to begin with. Let me state up front sexual abuse should never be tolerated and those guilty should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. However when women show up with claims that cannot be proven because of the years involved, or the story can be proven at least to be partly false, candidates should not be judged guilty by mob mentality but should be given the rights of all – guilty to proven innocence. Worse yet is when these accusers disappear after the election damage is done, you wonder it was in fact just a rouse to turn the mob mentality against the candidate. Herman Caine is an excellent example of what happened.

In short, it is up to us to educate the Left and our younger citizens as to the fact we are a Republic based on Law and Order. Not a Democracy the Left incorrectly labels our Nation. I believe the Left understands the truth but the truth does not fit their narrative.

A truly educated voting public is the best defense against mob rule. Join me in fighting to keep the Republic and educating our younger citizens as to the dangers of a democracy the Left is fighting to create.