By Bill Moore

Every time you turn around the Left and the Democratic Party are demanding more and more.  It is a fact that they are never nor can they ever be satisfied.  Every time we do not stand up to them they continue to get more and more outrageous in their demands and actions.

Let us consider their latest attempts to disrupt and undermine the government.   A short time ago we had a complaint from the Left about the Confederate Flag being flown  and how it represented racism and should be taken down.   I can understand how Black Americans can see the Confederate Flag differently from most Southerners.  In an attempt to address the concerns of the Black community and yet respect the feelings of many Southerners, most Southern State Governments moved the flags off of State grounds to either museums or other privately owned  areas.

Was that enough?  NO!!!  Now we have attacks on Monuments and Statues of Confederate Generals. They are either defaced by demonstrators/rioters or torn down by them.  Was that enough?? Apparently Not!!!!   In a typical and predictable Leftist continuation to the absurd, the Left is forcing the following actions across the US:

  • CNN is forcing an Asian- American Sports Commentator to move his assigned College Football coverage from William and Mary College in Virginia to another state. Why?   Because his name is Robert Lee!!
  • At USC, there is a debate over a White Horse.   Some USC students want the mascot forced off campus.   Why, you might ask?  It seems the horse’s name is Traveler IX and General Lee’s horse was named Traveller.   Please note the slight difference in spelling.   The USC Students say that the horse represents white supremacy and is racist.  In fact the school is the Trojans named after the Ancient Greeks and the horse is often seen wearing full armor plating from that era.
  • There is a call to remove a statue of Christopher Columbus in New York City.  The Mayor is reviewing the issue as Columbus was a “controversial figure” especially to those of Caribbean descent.
  • In Chicago there is a call to take down the statue of George Washington and rename Washington Park.
  • In North Carolina a far Left Governor Cooper, has found a way to have statues destroyed while staying above the fray. Cooper has stated that statues on North Carolina Campuses will remain unless they pose a danger.  Think about it.  Tell college students that the statues remain unless you raise a fuss, is inviting violence , thus getting the statues removed.
  • In Kure Beach, NC thieves stole the President Davis street sign.
  • This madness is spreading. In Ghana there is debate about removing a statue of Mahatma Ghandi at a University.  The reason:   While living in South Africa as a young man he made statements about the superiority of the  Hindu people.   According to some that makes him a

The point being made is that the Left is never satisfied!   Give them an inch and they try for a mile.  This has been seen countless times yet the Politicians on the Right fail to see it or plan to address it.   Saul Alinsky preached that you will not get everything at once, just take it a little at a time and eventually you will get the entire objective.   Unfortunately for us, the real objective is to undermine the Constitution  and a full take- over of the Country by the Left.

Each time we give in or do nothing they move a little bit closer to their real objective.   It is time to stand up and meet fire with fire. The Left only respects strength and then only until they can plan a counterattack.   We must be vocal, and not afraid to stand up for our beliefs.  It will not be easy or pretty but in the end our Country is at risk and must be preserved.  They count on our natural instinct to avoid conflict.   It may make us uncomfortable, but it is necessary to stand up for our beliefs.

Are you willing to be part of the Solution or Part of the Problem?

                                                                      You Decide!!!!!!